A Magnificent Sightseeing Day Tour Of Taj Mahal Agra

As i must say that Taj Mahal is the most attractive monument in India. It gained more fame as 7 wonders of the world. Taj Mahal was made by Shahjahan. As i have visited agra many times and Almost every time i prefer to go for this.

Recently April, 2017 i was in Agra. So i thought to visit Taj with my cousins.We choose afternoon  time to visit because it was raining in morning. Weather was awesome, No cars or bus are allowed in the 500 meter area to avoid  pollution. Around 3:00 pm we reached there and collect their tickets from ticket window. There were two long lines, we stand there and waited for our turn.

After line and security check we entered into a red stone gate, this was entrance gate of Taj. When you see the Taj, you can not drop down your eyes. I have seen Taj Mahal many times , but every time when i looked up, it show me another angel of beauty. It is made with pure white marble .

We started down stairs in the way of this monument. Here is water fountain in the way of it and it is surrounded  with three side parks. Parks has different types of trees and flowers. We had started clicking  with their cameras.

Soon we reached at Taj and take shoe covers. It has four minars which cover it from four sides. It was front of Taj, we entered inside. There were little darkness and in the mid of that place there was two grave. One of the Mumtaj and second was Shahjahan. It always remains one of the world’s most celebrated structures.

Few years ago, the grave was open for public to go near but now days is surrounded with windows.

After seeing this we go through back side of this monument. The monument situated at the bank of river Yamuna. It was a beautiful view, we sat there for some time to enjoyed this moment.

Here is a mosques where you could prayers done. We also explored the garden area which was spread in very large area and other old monument which situated into Taj. From here you can see another side of river Yamuna which looks great with greenery.

We stayed  there till the sunset. This time Taj looks yellowish. Many tourist wait for this time to see Taj Mahal like this.

Now its time to return, We came outside from this monument. its almost dark but street bulbs were spreading yellow lights. We bought some snacks there like bhel-puri and sandwich. Outside of this, you can see some small stalls, enjoy some marketing too with unique accessories related to this monument.

At last we turn to our home, its 7:25 pm. It was 15 minute walking distance from our place. Once you be here then I suggest that you must visit this monument.

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