A Road Trip from Noida to Vrindavan

In the last month (August) we had planned a road trip to Vrindavan from Noida. We were eagerly waiting for this trip, specially for Banke Bihari ji ke darshan. So, we had planned our trip and decided to go by our vehicle.
Our trip was for the next day, we took our necessary things and we decided to start our journey in the early morning around 4 AM.
So as planned our journey started in the early morning. We were three people. The weather was cool and i was slept for few minutes. We were on expressway and road was very less crowded. And the morning beauty of nature was awesome. The sun rising from our left direction and the light spreading everywhere in our car.

I can not explain the beauty of that time in words. Later we stopped at a restaurant for tea. After this, we again started our vehicle.

In two hours driving we reached at Vrindavan. We parked our vehicle near yamuna bank parking area. Because you can not go further inside by car.

After this, we move towards Nidhivan where Shri Radha Rani Temple situated. At 7 Am we were on this temple, attended the arati and bhajan and shringhar of Radha Rani. We also enjoyed dancing with other bhakts. Nidhivan is also famous for it’s mysterious history that shri krinshna, Radha and Gopies comes for Rasleela every night in Nidhivan.

After Radha Rani Darshan, we took a tuk-tuk and go to Banke Bihari temple. The rikshaw leave us in gali, from there we go to the temple by foot because rikshaw can not go there. Before reaching the temple the path where we was walking full of flowers, murties,toys etc many other things. Basically this was market. Every gali of Banke Bihari Temple is like market.

Soon we reached here and also bought prasad and flowers for worship. There was very huge crowd. We were reaching inside the shri Banke Bihari ji temple. There was hundreds people trying to reach near banke bihari ji. Aarati were started, after this we were come outside the temple. And explore some market goods and some bought also. I had bought few paintings, shankh etc.

After this we went to the shri Sneh Bihari ji temple which was situated near Banke Bihari Temple. We worshiped and spended some time here.

After this we took a rickshaw and reached there where we had parked our vehicle. There we had taken some breakfast kachori and aalu ki sabji. That was very tasty and made in pure mustard oil. When i was taking breakfast i saw a man was selling Jamun. This is my favourite fruit and i bought this .

Really it was very sweet and tasty. There was so many monkies . I had given some laddus to them.
Now its time to go our further destination that was Prem Mandir. In our way there was other destinations also like ishcon temple, and others.

Prem Mandir is 4 to 5 km from banke bihari ji temple. So, soon we reached to prem mandir and take entries here. Now it was 10 am and the temperature was increasing.

We explored the Prem Mandir, this is very nicely build with white marbles. This temple is mainly dedicated to Radhe -Krishna and Ram- Sita. The main beauty of this temple is it’s lighting which change in a time duration.
If you go to Vrindavan, i will suggest you that you should go Prem Mandir in the evening. So you can enjoy lighting and othe shows.

Now our all destinations covered which i had listed. And the temperature was also hot so we decided to now return to home. Around 12 pm we started our vehicle for home. And on the way we had taken the lunch on a Dhaba.

Around 3 pm we reached our home Noida from Vrindavan. It takes more than 2 hours to reach home.
Overall this road trip was good and was a happy journey for us.

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