A Day Trip to Chandigarh, Rock garden, Sukhana Lake

We were on the way of Chandigarh, on the other side sun was about to go. Chandigarh was not much far from Shimla. After few hours driving, we reached there. We were not booked the hotel here so first we started to search the hotel for our stay. Soon we get it, it was nice,After this, we decided to take our dinner in a dhaba in Chandigarh. We find it and done with our food.

Soon we get to our bed and slept because our whole day spends in traveling and retreat building walk.

24th December, It was a new day in Chandigarh. After a peaceful night we get ready, and checkout from the hotel. We took our luggage in our traveler minibus. Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab. It is a clean city with very wide road and greenery everywhere. I was fell in love with this city.

First, we go for Rock Garden, It is made with urban and industrial wastes by Nek Chand. Nek Chand was a former road inspector in Chandigarh. He decided to take initiative and started his work in 1957 and it has become a large standing symbol of creativity.

Rock Garden has minimum 5000 statues within its leap. It is a major attraction in Chandigarh for visitors. It is divided into 3 main parts. One of them have statues which are made of bangles, broken mirror, tub light, tiles, plastic etc. It looks very colorful and attractive.

One part has immense waterfall which was a man-made waterfall. It has a large area for the crowd, a courtyard. Many cultural activities are being performed here over the years.

The 3rd phase has a life length statues of elephants and camels are as installed here. We see here fish aquarium, snakes and enjoyed Hammock too. Here a canteen too for snacks, tea and coffee. But I suggest you don’t buy any snacks from here excepting packet food.  It was a nice journey of Mr. Nek Chand imagination and creation – Rock Garden.

Sukhana Lake- Sukhana Lake is around 1.5 km from rock garden. When you entered here you will find a nice cafe, children’s play toys and off-course lake. It is a man-made lake which is surrounded by beautiful city Chandigarh. It looks beautiful with many colorful boats. You can do boating, evening walk and other activities here. It is the best place for sightseeing, You can sit around the lake and enjoy each moment which happening around you.

We also explored the most famous market sector 22 of Chandigarh. This is a very famous place for shopping and spread in a large area.

Elante Mall – If you are fond of shopping then you can move here. It is a very big and famous mall of Chandigarh with all top brands. It is the second largest shopping mall in Northern India. But the place is very crowded that show how popular this mall? People came and enjoy their presence.

Elante was our last destination in Chandigarh, after this, we moved away for Delhi.


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