Fascinating Holiday Experience of Shimla

After a relaxing night, next morning 21 December we have taken our breakfast, checkout from hotels room. Our next destination was SHIMLA. It was an almost 7-hour journey from Manali. The whole way of Manali is just like that nature has to come on earth. We saw many such points from where the whole city telling a little story to everyone. We had seen many Green Apple gardens here. We entered in Shimla approx 6 pm. Sun is on it’s on the peak to go on its bed(It’s time to sunset). The sky was almost covered with orange color and spreading a coloury beauty here.

Snow Valley this was the name of our hotel where we stay in Shimla. It was well maintained, decorate everything was very luxurious even washroom too. After check-in in the hotel we all are thinking to get fresh and some tea or coffee. We had taken shower and decided that today we will enjoy Shimala’s street food. But soon we realize that there is nothing like that so we entered into a local restaurant and had our dinner there. That night we had so much fun, games, music, bonfire in hotel Terrace and also used hotel play area.

Next morning 22 December, we have to go Kuffari. In the winter season, when snowfall happens, It covered with snow. But it was our bad luck that there were no snowfall and no snow. It was very dusty and there were many monkies and they were trying to take our packets which we were holding in our hands.

Soon we returned from there, we stop at some viewpoints in the way to capture some amazing pictures and videos of nature.

We reached Kufri Fun Campus and thought to try some adventure here. We collected our adventure bands according to our activity choice.

There were being all kind of activities, we tried many of them like sky swinger, bungee trampoline, frish bee, Go-karting, swing it etc. It was a wonderful experience. Especially when you were taking a ride and looking down, it was a deep ditch.

I was feeling like I am going to meet with death almost dead but not really. After an adventurous journey, we returned to the hotel at around 3:00 pm.

We relaxed for some time and then came outside from the hotel. We had the whole evening to explore Christ church and mall road of Shimla because it was near to our hotel.

First, we went to Christ Church, it is the Shimla’s second oldest church in northern India. It is as well as architectural beauty and yellow colour. Here, hanging big clock outside the church. The church looks more beautiful when lightning in the night and covered with ice in winters. We entered inside the church and lighted candle and sat silently for prayer. It will give you inside peace. You can enjoy sightseeing from here.

After this, we went for Shimla mall road which is near to the church. It is a very busy market but beautiful. The sun almost gone, yellow lights were spreading beauty in the market. We enjoyed some street food there like the samosa with chola, badam shake, jalebi too. We also have done some antique shopping too, it was very cheap in price. After this, early we reach our hotel.

President House in Shimla, made by British for their viceroys that days. It is located on Chharabra which is situated at the top of mountains and 13 km downtown from Shimla mall road and 3 km from Kufri. This retreat building is made of wooden. It has a dajji wall construction.

If you want to enter inside you have to buy tickets from the ticket counter. It has fixed timing where a guide will explain you the things heading inside. Inside the building, you will get some very old photographs, library. Library and other rooms are not open for visitors. This building played the major role in the partition. Every major decision took away from here.

Retreat building is surrounded by a very big lawn. The weather of this place is always chilled, this is the reason, it is the summer retreat of the president of India. It was a great journey of this old retreat. We were back from there to Chandigarh after taking some snacks.


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