Things to do in Khandala during your visit to Khandala

For people of Mumbai, Khandala is an ideal place to spend a holiday after Lonavala. Not only for Mumbai but also for the people of Pune and people all around the world. Thanks to a lovelylocation that is easily accessible from both places. Another one of best places to visit near khandala is Sopara, is not far from here. But Khandala has its charm, which is very well enhanced during the monsoon. Here are few things to do in Khandala. Read below article to know how to explore this place.

  1. Visit Fort Large Machi

Located between Khandala and Lonavala, Rajmachi is a small city that houses Rajmachi fortress. It is among the best khandala hill station. It becomes one of best memory of your life when you walk through this fortress and admire the vast grasslands of the Deccan Plateau. Rajmachi Fort is located on two peaks of the region’s local mountains: Shrivaldan and Manarangjan.  Matheran, Lonavala, Duke’s Nose, and Karnala are few of the nearby hill station of this place.

  1. Picnic on Lake Bushi

On the road to Lonavala, Lake Bushi is the perfect place for a weekend picnic vacation. The lake is right next to Bushidam. A popular spot for most people to relax, the site is heaven and adds this to one of their most profound experiences. A small hill in the background provides a beautiful facade and makes the landscape even more attractive. The lake is right next to Bushidam.

  1. Three fortresses in Lohagad

The Lohagad Fort had existed since Marathas ruled this place, and the Road Fort is actual proof of his generosity. Lohagad Fort, built by Chhatrapati Shivaji during his reign, was faithful to the literal meaning of “Iron Fort” and was used to hold prisoners. Built on a hill about 1,000 meters above sea level, this fort is divided into two basins, the Indrayani River and the Pavana Lake, from there you can view Sahaydori Mountains.

  1. Watch with tiger jump

Tiger Jump is a tourist spot with a spectacular view of Sahayadori Hill. It is among the best places to visit in khandala. Also called echo point. If you say something loudly, your voice will sound. It is known as a tiger jump because it looks like the tiger is jumping. Take a picture here to enjoy the holiday and capture the beautiful background in your photos. There is also a waterfall that is replenished during the monsoon season.

 Best time to visit khandala?

The weather is something to take into account in your romantic getaway, so we prepare information about rains and temperatures to help you plan the trip:

  • Warmer months: April, May, March, and June, with an average temperature of 37 ° C
  • Colder months: December, January, February, and November, with an average temperature of 12 ° C
  • Driest months: February, March, December, and January, with an average of 0 mm of rain
  • Rainiest months: July, September, June, and August, with an average of 132 mm of rain

Points of interest in and around Khandala

There are a few things like that the new couple must do in Khandala, so take advantage of everything Khandala offers. If you like gastronomy, then you will love Khandala, where you can delight the palate in gourmet restaurants. Lonavala points are one of the local attractions that cannot be missed.

How to get around in Khandala

To get to Khandala, buy a flight to Pune, the nearest major airport, which is 59.6 km from the city centre. From Pune you can hire taxi to reach at Khandala.

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