Matheran Hill Station – A Best Holiday Place for Family

The holiday destination you choose should be family-friendly. You must find a sufficient amount of attractions that enthusiast of all members of your family. Matheran is one of the best places to visit with family. Below you can find detail guide about Matheran hill station points.

Matheran (Maharashtra)

It is placed at the base of the Sahyadri hills. Matheran is a hill station in Maharashtra to visit with the family. It is situated at a height up to 803 meters above sea level. The main tourist attraction in Matheran is 38 fantastic peak points from where you have stunning views of the picturesque surroundings. Some of the notable Matheran points that you should not miss are the panoramic point, King George point, Louisa point, and echo point. Toy train in Matheran is also a famous tourist attraction that presents a closer look at this attractive place.

Below are some places to visit in Matheran:

Things to see and do

Matheran has a thick layer of evergreen forest, which works like a giant air conditioner, keeping this mountain station fresh and a paradise for walkers. Long and quiet walks in the shade of evergreen forests and accompanied by birdsong is an exclusive gift. But if all walking irritates your feet, don’t worry; horse riding is an exciting alternative. There are also many hand-drawn cars available, and both options will take you to the main viewpoints.

Matheran, although small (only 8 square kilometers), has up to 38 designated viewing points. Before leaving, try to get a map of Matheran from the MTDC office in Dasturi or from one of the many small stores in the market. But even if you don’t, it is tough to get lost in the forest on this relatively small hill.

 Trekking options

With more than 8-10 different routes, Matheran is the final destination for the hiker, naturalist, and outdoor enthusiast. There are numerous routes to enter or exit Matheran, as well as many long and pleasant walks around the hill station.

Matheran to Karjat

About 21 / 2-3 km from the Matheran market (to the southeast) is Ram Bagh Point, which is on its way to Little Chowk Point, marked by a small cold drink/tea stand. From here, a full path paved with red stones, typical of Matheran, leads down the slope in a gently meandering course. One kilometre along this road, you will reach a densely forested flat stretch.

When you’re almost under Little Chowk Point, the road split into two parts. The right is heading west, around the hill through a dense and thick jungle. Take the way to the left, which leads along the crest of a long spur for almost 2 km. Then through some smaller hills and open fields (21/2 km) before entering the village of Bhorgaon, You can follow the road to Karjat as described above or take an autorickshaw to get to Karjat.

Shopping in Matheran

Matheran, like many other mountain cities in Maharashtra, is ‘Chikkiland.’ This caramel candy (brown sugar with nuts, peanuts or sesame seeds, cut into slabs or cubes) is exhausting, and there is plenty to choose from, with peanuts, coconut, channa, almonds, hint, cashew, and sesame. There are also delicious sweets to collect. Salted channa and fresh honey are other mandatory purchases of the bazaar, which runs along the road of the railway station.

Best time to visit:

One can visit Matheran in rainy season.  But April to June and October are the first months of tourism in Matheran, and hotel rates reach seemingly at their peak levels.

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