Munnar Hill Station For a Beautiful Getaways

Munnar is a beautiful hill station in Kerala. It is full of greenery, clouds, misty view, mountains, waterfalls, tea plantations. This beautiful destination has of these and more. it is the place you’d like to visit ­ it is the place you’d wish never to go away. What is the best time to visit munnar hill station ? Munnar is beautiful in every season but best season are: July to September  Monsoon , November to February Winter.



There are many beautiful points where you can go, like:

Tea Estates

As, You enterend in this area, you will be filled with the aroma of tea plants, fresh tea leaves, plucking tea leaves. Housing quite 50 tea estates, getting to one among these properties is must when in Munnar. Lush tea plants are cover as far because the eye can see and supply you a way of calmness and serenity that only comes with spending time around nature.

Tea Plantation

Valara Waterfalls

Valara Waterfalls fascinate beautiful, but it’s one among the very best Waterfalls near Munnar. the peak of the waterfalls is around 300 meters, and it’s originated from the gorgeous Deviyar river. you’ll enjoy a couple of hours of peace within the surrounding area of the falls by having a picnic together with your loved ones over there. Many tourists from everywhere the country visit Munnar to witness the falls.

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Kalakkayam Waterfalls

Located within the forests near Idinjar in Thiruvananthapuram district, Kalakkayam Waterfall is one among the highest places to ascertain within the area. Kalakkayam also referred to as Idinjar falls is that the a part of the Mankayam stream that has its origin at the Agasthyavanam forest. A trail along the stream can lead people that wish to hike to some really beautiful locales. One has got to take care while stepping on the rocks to succeed in the tiny pools at rock bottom of the waterfall because the rocks here are slippery and may take one down in a moment , especially within the monsoon season.

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Tea Museum

Tea being a crucial a part of Munnar history, Tea Museum was established by Tata Tea in 2005. Tea lovers and history buffs will enjoy their time here exploring various stages of producing tea – from quaint tea rollers to ultramodern fully automated tea factories. You can join a video journey of tea processing. And a Guide will summarise the tea processing story and benefits.

Mattupetty Dam

One of the only ways to spend each day in Munnar is to go to the Mattupetty dam. Take a soothing walk while enjoying the breathtaking views of the valley around you. Or come along side your family and luxuriate in a quiet afternoon round the dam.

Mattupetty Dam
Mattupetty Dam

Pothamedu View Point

One of the foremost beautiful places to go to in Munnar in 1 day is Pothamedu viewpoint – located just 3 km away. Reverberating green hills, dense tropical forests, clear atmosphere and valleys soaked in vegetation – nature are often found at its finest at Pothamedu.

View Point


You’ll attend the bottom camp of the mountains before reaching meesapulimala. From the bottom camp, you’ll take a jeep to Rhodo valley, which is 4 km away. In the middle, you will see the one of the old bridge here. It is also a photo point. This valley is that the last point within the region that’s accessible by a four-wheeler. you’ll also see the Pandava caves on your thanks to Rhodo valley.

After reaching Rhodo Valley, subsequent a part of the journey has got to be covered on foot. you’ll visit the highest of the height by hiking amidst the gorgeous rhododendron trees. It should be noted that this is often a difficult trek and you would like to be prepared to undertake it.

Old Bridge

Nyayamakad Waterfall

Nestled amid Munnar and Rajamala, this is often one spectacular waterfall within the valley which is loved and adored by the tourists. start a journey to the most important waterfall in Munnar and witness the country local lifestyle of girls picking tea leaves within the long stretches of the estates, the ten KM long winding route from Munnar and little rivulets chiseling down the green hilly slopes.

Waterfall Munnar

Spice Garden

Spices of India have lured in admirers from everywhere the world! Kerala is that the land that’s documented for its spices like the black pepper, which changed the history of the world! This nasty spice commenced from the mountains of Kerala! Like pepper, there are other spices like cardamom, ginger, curcuma, cinnamon, etc. which are growing during this land. The Cardamom hills of south Western Ghats is understood because the ‘world known spice hills’ of the traditional world. Munnar is that the heaven of spices and can leave your senses tingling with joy.

Rubber Tree

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