Reason Behind to Celebrate The Holi – Festival of Colors

Holi is one of the most popular and famous festivals of Hindus. It fills the fun to enjoy everyone. As you can say Holi is the festival of colour at this festival in India every Hindus celebrate this festival with the family, friend  And neighbour. And on this day in every home ladies making lots of delicious food and the most popular and famous sweet of the is gujiya.

Let see why we celebrate the Holi and what is the epic behind it. As per the Hindu epic, A king Hiranyakashyap wanted that everyone does worship him in his kingdom but his son instead of him he was doing the worship of Lord Vishnu. The Prince name was Prahalad, Prahlad do worship Lord Vishnu. And his father always tries to kill him because he was doing the worship of Lord Vishnu and one-day Hiranyakashyap’s sister came and he has told her everything that time Hiranyakashyap requesting his sister that she killed the Prahlad because Hiranyakashyap’s sister (Holika) has blessed that he can’t burn in the fire so the king was requesting to her she will sit with Prahlad in a bundle of bone fire and she was ready to do this but on that day Prince was not burned with fire and Holika Burn-In fire and died. So it’s called VICTORY OVER GOOD OVER EVIL and from that day every Hindu celebrate the Holi.

And every year people collect the bundle of wood and it’s burned to celebrate this day and its call Holika Dahan. On the next day everyone plays with the powder of colour and throw the water of colours on each other and wishing each other happy Holi. Everyone one like a child, Adult, old age people everyone enjoys this festival and also they are singing dancng and does lots of fun.

Some Places in India where have a famous style to celebrate this festival.

Barsana(Lathmar Holi)

A place in India, Nandgaon (Barsana ) Nearby Mathura Uttar Pradesh. Peoples play the lath mar Holi, a neighbour play the Holi with the strong stick a ladies hit the man with the stick so that’s is called lath mar Holi people are enjoying it and it’s very famous Holi celebration in India.


The Braj district of India, among Delhi and Agra, is inseparable from Lord Krishna, This is true that the Hindu God most connected with the Holi celebration. Here, People celebrate Holi as a Grand festival.


The Bankey Bihari Temple celebrate the Holi festival. On the off chance that you’ve seen photos of a thickly stuffed yard loaded up with individuals covered from head to toe in purple, red, and pink powders, this is most likely where they were taken.

As a more calm other option, head for the Gopinath Temple, where 1,000 of the town’s white-clad widows assemble to check the celebration, tossing gulal powders and many kilos of marigold petals over one another as the sanctuary clerics play uplifting Krishna tunes – a magnificent display, and one with more appeal and power than the slam at the Bankey Bihari.


Celebrating Holi in Varanasi is always awesome. Here, you can play Holi with rang, gulal in the morning and noon. And you will get delicious, many types of foods. Varanasi Holi is famous for its uniqueness. People celebrate this with Dol Nagada, music, dance, thandai, and colors. In the evening, after colorful Holi, People meets friends and relative. Walk around the Varanasi Ghats in the evening.

There are more places where Holi celebrated in the very best way like Udaipur, Jaipur, Amritsar, Pushkar. And also have some special activity one this day at Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh. Holi is very popular everywhere in India.

But In this pandemic, remember to your safety first, Please maintain the required precautions before enjoying this festival.

Happy Holi To Everyone!!


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