Top Street Shopping Market in Goa that You Should Not Miss

You must have heard a lot about Goa, there are many things for Night Life, Beach Party, Shopping and wedding parties which you can do us but have you ever thought of shopping in Goa if you are planning at this time to go Goa.

Or if you are going to go in future, then today I am going to tell you some such places where you can do shopping while staying in Goa and you can buy a lot of good shopping, cheap shopping and many variety of things from there, So let me tell you there is such a place from where you can do cheap and good shopping.

Anjuna Flea Market- 

If you are travelling in the North area of ​​Goa, then you can definitely go to the Anjuna Beach market there now.

Here Anjuna flea market is held every Wednesday  in which you can buy everything from Handicraft, Jewelery, Beach wear Clothing and Musical Items and this market is very cheap and you will find all kinds of items as well as you can buy street food here. You can also enjoy and many activities will also be seen here.

Calangute Beach Market-

The next market is Goa’s Calangute Beach Market, Calangute Beach is a very famous beach. The best modern food, Beer, clothes, handicraft, leather products and jewelery are available. You can buy crafts sold from here at very affordable prices. One can choose from the best range of products and this place is also quite famous for seafoods.

Saniwar Market-

Saniwar Market ran on Shaniwar Market and Arpora night market and seems to be near Anjuna Beach, here you can shop for latest trending clothes right away, this is a very cheap market from where you can buy bags, scarves, jewelry, clothes etc. at very reasonable prices. This market is also famous for some foodies, there are also stalls of some foods, which you can visit.

Colva Beach Market-

Colva Beach Market, If you are fond of shopping then you must experience the shopping culture in the best possible way, can buy things. However, if you are going to shop here, then keep in mind that many times the price of the shop is high, so in such a situation, you have to come to a little bargain, otherwise you will be too much of someone else’s cheap thing, Will come by paying price and this market looks very beautiful at night and the most important thing is this market of Goa. 

Madgaon Market-

If you want to do art and craft shopping in Goa, then you should go to Madgaon Market, in this market you will get a chance to buy craft, handicraft items, apart from this here you will find many things here. Local Foods Cashew Nuts, Fish, Spices, Kitchen Items & Sweets, Clothes, Shoes, Furniture, Coffee etc. will be available at very affordable prices.

Palolem Market- 

A different culture is seen in the Coast Market of Palolem Beach, here every Saturday there is a special market where you can buy many things you need at very cheap prices and if you want to bargain then you have to go here. Things will be available at very cheap prices, so if you are going where you are going, then it is not necessary that you take a lot of clothes with you, you can also go shopping there and then start your trip.

Goa is counted among the smallest states of our country but it is very beautiful, it attracts men through its thing, the nightlife here, the nation rent resort and the shopping center here, every tourist wants to come here once. and wants to enjoy one thing here. 

And if you are coming in the lead of this, then you have 2 places in North-South Goa, inside which you will get to roam all the beaches and the south part of it is very beautiful, from the beautiful beaches here to the restaurant resort everything. It is very tempting when it comes to traveling, it is considered incomplete without shopping, so whenever you want, start shopping there. Goa will never disappoint you for shopping.


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