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Amritsar is the city of the turbans and where spirituality is breathed in every corner, besides being one of the main cities of the Punjab state. It was founded in 1577 by one of Sikhism’s gurus. The great majority of its inhabitants profess this religion.

What to see in Amritsar: What you can not miss

Amritsar is divided into two large areas: the old city “Old city” , where all the tourist attractions are located, and the “modern” area where you can find all kinds of shops and the activity is frenetic.

If you plan Delhi to Amritsar trip then you do not visit the following places during your trip.

Delhi Railway Station

  1. The Golden Temple of Amritsar

The surroundings of the golden temple Amritsar are incredibly clean, which makes it earn points to this city. It is a little difficult to explain in words the great beauty of this complex and all the environment that surrounds it: turbans of a thousand colours, overwhelming mantras by the megaphone, guardians the temple with its lances and swords.

Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is just one part of a large complex that houses other rooms. This great complex is known as Harmandir Sahib.


The entrance of white marble is large and majestic, and the sight of the gold at the bottom of the entrance arches is incredible. The entrance to the golden temple Amritsar is free and you have to follow a certain protocol:

Near Golden Temple

Take off your shoes: The entrance to the temple must be barefoot. There are two large ticket office areas where you deliver your shoes and keep them. They give you a key so you can retrieve them at the exit. The whole journey inside the enclosure is done barefoot.

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Cover your head: Men and women without exception should cover their head throughout their visit to the complex. If you do not wear a scarf do not worry, they lend you a free one.

Wash your feet before entering. A few meters before the entrance to the temple you have to go through a small pool that covers your feet.

  1. Walk through the streets of the old city of Amritsar

Within your plan of visit in Amritsar, you have to let yourself go and start walking through the streets that open around the temple.

We are not going to cheat you, the streets are a little dirty (but less than other cities) and they are not paved, but they have a special charm.


They are narrow and bustling, with many traditional shops and you can come across an authentic street market. It is an ideal place to take the camera and not stop shooting.

  1. Jallianwala Bagh Park

Five minutes from the Golden Temple is jallianwala bagh in Amritsar. In itself the park does not have a great “beauty” but it deserves a little walk to know the place where the most famous massacre of Amritsar took place.

Spot of Gun bullet

The Amritsar massacre took place on April 13, 1919 when a group of British soldiers entered the Jallianwala Bagh Amritsar where a group of people had gathered in protest, and fired without discrimination, including women and children.

Shaheedi Well

  1. Sri Durgiana Temple or Mata Temple

In your walk through the city you can go in search of the different temples that you can also visit, such as the Sri Durgiana Temple or the Mata Temple. Although after having seen the Golden Temple, these will know little by little.

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  1. Gobingarh Fort

If you have time you can also go up to the Gobingarh Fort, although it is something dispensable.

  1. Changing of the guard at the border with Pakistan

Entrance to Wagha Border

Better known as wagah border ceremony, a rather curious change of guard ceremony takes place on this border. So much so, that we have dedicated this special post. Wagah border ceremony timings is 4:15 PM in winter and 5:15 PM in summer.

Wagha border Pared


If you are eager to spend some time at a holy place then Amritsar will be your first choice because here you will lot of places where you feel peace and get relaxed. And Wagah Border is itself give you the feeling of Patriotic .

Gate Closing

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