Taj Mahotsav Festival in Agra 2021

Every year the Taj Mahotsav Festival happens and is based on a theme. This year 2021, the theme is ‘Sanskriti ke Rang Taj ke Sang’. If You want to visit Taj then you should go in Feb so you can enjoy this Mahotsav.

Taj Mahotsav starts from 18th Feb every year and last 27th Feb. This Mahotasav happens for 10 days every year in Shilpgram. 

Top Attraction:

Kavi sammelan, Musayara, craft, hand made things, Jhulas, painting, music, dance, art, culture and cuisines of India.

Preparation of Taj Mahotsav:

This year 2021, Taj Mahotsav made two gates, one on based Akbar Tomb(Sikandrabad), and the second gate will show the village life. Led lights, Jhandiayan and other decorative things are surrounding it. The Whole Shilpgram is decorated with colorful lights. More than 300 silpi came here from all over India to establish their shops in this Mahotsav.All The walls painted by a painter who came from Allahabad.

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This Program continues for ten days and every day is special. Each day something new happened like sometimes some bollywood entry, singer performing,  kavi sammelan, Mushaira etc.


Here a lot of food varieties, if you are a food lover then you will definitely enjoy it. You can taste local famous food of Agra like  Bhalla, Mughlai, Jalebi, Petha, Dalmoth, Bedai. 


Start and End date: 18th Feb to 27th Feb

Entry Fee: For adults 50 rs, Children up to 5 years and foreign tourists – entry free, a group of 100 students – Rs 500 is charged. Entry tickets are available at any of the entry gates to the Mahotsav. 

Fest Venue: Shilpgram, near the eastern gate of Taj Mahal in Agra.

Theme of Taj Mahotsav 2020: This year, the theme of Taj Mahotsav is ‘Sanskriti ke Rang, Taj ke Sang‘.

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