Things to Know Before Going Mukteshwar Trip

Plan to visit Mukteshwar – 

If You are planning to go Mukteshwar from Delhi for your weekend trip. Then You must know about the place.  Mukteshwar is one of the best historical and natural places of India. You can find nature,  adventure, and religious places. It is one of the best places to make a trip plan on your weekend and holidays. It has a beauty of nature, and Holly religious places. 

There is have lot of place to visit like 

  • * Mukteshwar Temple or Mukteshwar Dham 
  • * Chauli ki Jali 
  • * Bhalu Gaad Waterfall 

Mukteshwar Temple – 

Mukteshwar is the temple of Lord Shiva. It’s a very beautiful and incredible temple it’s also known as Mukteshwar Dham. And the place name is on the Mukteshwar Temple (Mukteshwar). When you visit there then you know lots about the temple so must you have to visit there. It is a very old temple and there are two ways to go. One is by stairs and the other one is without stairs.

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Mukteshwar Dham is situated at the top of the hill, which can be covered easily. Once on top, the views are mesmerizing and one can spend a lot of time just taking in the beautiful surroundings and fresh clean air.

mukteshwar dham
image source -flicker

Chauli Ki Jali –

You can go to Chauli ki Jali on the way to the Maheshwar temple it’s 250mtr ahead from the Maheshwar temple a visitor visits there to look out at the rock and nature view. If you have the zeal to do the adventure you must visit there Chauli ki Jali is also known as Chauthi jali. 

Chauli ki Jali
image source -flicker

Bhalu Gaad Waterfall – 

You can see the Bhalu Gaad waterfall to feel the roaring sound of the waterfall. It’s too amazing you can get the best moments from there 

How can reach Mukteshwar –

If you are making a plan to visit Mukteshwar then you have multiple Option to visit there 

If You can start your travel from Delhi to Mukteshwar. A distance between Delhi to Mukteshwar 354km approx. You can choose multiple options for the trip. Bus/train/Cab, Taxi, and your personal convenience.

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If you can plan to reach there with Indian railway. You have to start your travel From New Delhi Railway Station. Then you can book your ticket on the Indian railway From New Delhi to Kathgodam (UK). And From there you can take a local convenience like bus, taxi.

If you would like to start your travel with a bus so can take the bus from ISBT Delhi. Also, you can book your personal convenience to visit there it will max 6 to 7 hour.

Best Time to visit Mukteshwar – 

If you are making plans to visit Mukteshwar you can go any time of the year but as per my point of view October to March is the best time to spend your vacation for the splendid feeling.

These are the most visited places by tourists and have the major attraction in Mukteshwar. Except these, you can go to other places which are situated surrounding Mukteshwar.

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