Things to do in Bir Billing

Bir Billing is a beautiful natural place in Himachal Pradesh. This place is very less crowded, with a beautiful mountain view. Bir Billing is two places named Bir and the other is Billing.

Top Attractions in Bir Billing


Many people go to Bir for paragliding. Bir Billing has the great weather for paragliding the whole year. Bir Billing is the hot spot for paragliding. And it had organised the paragliding world cup in 2015. It is the second best paragliding spot in the world. The weather of this place is cool for paragliding the whole year. The only monsoon season is July and August closed for Paragliding.  There is a charge for paragliding about 2950rs per person. Before reaching the paragliding point you had to book it. Price is also varry that how many minutes in the sky you opt. 

Billing is the take off place for Paragliding and Bir is the landing place for paragliding. If you are fond of paragliding or want proper training for this then you can join a few weeks training courses here.


 Bir Billing is also famous for its Tibetan Monastery. This monastery is situated in Bir Billing. You can visit some of them. Even you can even join the prayers and chant. You will meet some young monk also. You can talk to them and know about their life.

Tibetan Culture

Bir Billing is the nearest place to know about Tibetan Life, culture and faith. Here, You will be familiar with Tibetan culture.


One of the famous spots for the Sightseeing beauty. You can hike from one village to another village very easily. The villages here are small and beautiful, full with nature.

Sunset Point

You can not miss a chance of a beautiful sunset. If you love hiking then you must go for it. There are many places in Bir Billing where you can watch it. Even if you are doing paragliding then i will suggest that you do it in the evening so you can enjoy it more closely in the sky.

There are many other activities also available like treking, Bir tea factory visit , Bir river treking, Baijnath temple visit, Deer park institute etc. If, you had a long stay plan then you can go these places also.

How to reach Bir Billing

If you are planning to go Bir Billing then there is four way to reach here-

By Air,

you can go by air, the nearest airport in Dharamshala. From Dharamshala You had to take a bus or cab to reach Bir.

By Train,

If you want a budget travelling then you must prefer train journeys. The nearest railway station is Pathankot. Bir Billing is about 70 km from Pathankot. So, you can take Bus or taxi to reach Bir Billing.

By Bus,

If you are going from Delhi then you can easily take a bus from Kashmiri Gate or other places in Delhi. It Will take around 12 hours to reach here. The road is very fine for road trips.

By Road, 

If you are travelling by your own car or cab then this is the best way to reach. If you are travelling with friends or family then it is more economical. And you will get many sightseeing points on the way after Kangra District. The roads are quite fine, so no problem with that. It will also take around 12 hours to reach.

So, This is a little guide for Bir Billing, I hope you will like it. Bir Billing is the place where you can visit anytime but if planning for paragliding then except monsoon go for it. This place took you closer to nature. And believe me, You will pray not to go from here in a hurry.

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