Top Tourist Attractions in Ooty

Ooty is a natural place. And eats beauty is not hidden by anyone. Its dense forests, tall trees, greenery spread all around and the weather here is enough to captivate one’s mind completely. Today we will know about some such places in Ooty. Whenever you go to Ooty, do not forget to visit this place in your list.

Pykara Falls and Pykara Lake

Pykara Waterfall is very beautiful. Pykara is the name of a village. It is a special tourist attraction. A houseboat is also available here which adds to its beauty even more. If you want, you can also ride a foot motor boat here. This waterfall is about 20 km from Ooty.

Hidden Valley

The Hidden Valley is situated in Coonoor. This location is located far away the Wellington Golf course. This place is less filled with people because mostly people are not aware about this place. This is the reason, this area is more peaceful, charming and lush green. When you will go here, you will not found any mainstream road for this place. You will find amazing scenic beauty, greenery, mountains and landscapes. You will feel amazing pleasure in your heart that will make your day. This is the best sightseeing in Ooty.

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Emerald Dam

This lake is located around 25 km from the Ooty. This lake is very peaceful and its surrounding is covered with tea plantation. Here is a lush green environment. This place is best for scenic picnic spots in Ooty. Emerald lake in Emerald Village, It’s road is little tricky but if you are a nature lover you must go here.

Pine Forest

The actual name recommends that sixth mile is found 6 miles from Ooty city. It is one of the most mind-blowing grand view in Ooty. Pykara is close to the sixth mile. This is additionally one of the most appealing place of interest. It is completely surrounded by green, broad and thick timberland . It is otherwise called “Shooting spot”. The majority of the Indian movies are shooted here because of its regular magnificence and awesome view. Here the clouds touch your feet and you can partake in the cool temperature. So by visiting this spot you can have a relaxing trip.

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Laws Falls

Law falls is arranged a good ways off of 10 kilometers from Coonoor and 26 kilometers from Ooty, set in the midst of rich green climate. As this falls is situated on the principle street, so one need not walk or trip to arrive at this spot.

Col. Law who developed new Coonoor Ghat Road is the organizer behind this falls. The level of the lake is around 30 feet. The power of the water is astonishing and drawing in one. This little fall draws more groups during Monsoon time. It is additionally should be visible from Dolphin Nose View Point.

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