Trekking Tips For Summer

If you are planning to go on trekking this summer so you have to do some preparation before going. Because trekking is not that easy it needs a lot of energy and patience.

But the people who love traveling trekking and want to come close to nature choose to trek so I am going to tell you what preparation you have to do before going on trekking this summer so this is the list.

Destination Research:

First, you have to research your destination, where you are planning to go, the weather of that place, the route how much time will take, and how many kilometers, This is necessary to mark these things in your note. So you can plan easily your destination for trekking.

Choosing Clothes Smartly:

Clothes are important when you are going to trek, so you have to take care that what type of clothes you are going to wear in the summer trekking. it’s most favorable that you have to wear light colors clothes, they reflect the sunlight. And full sleeves clothes because in trekking full sleeves clothes save you from being infected by any insect. During your trekking, you will go through many places. You have to be careful about your body.

Hydrate Yourself:

When you are going to trek, your body needs more energy and water. You must do the preparation for this especially when you are traveling in the summer. You have to plan for this you must carry out a water bottle and some water purifying tablets with yourself.

When Start Trekking:

In the summer, morning time or evening time is the best for tracking if you have a long distance to cover so you can start this trekking in the early morning so You can reach your destination before noon so you can enjoy your noon and also can relax. After relaxing you can start to return in the evening. It also depends on your trek, distance, route.

Important things to take:

you must carry sunglasses, caps, Sunscreen, lotion, oil, Paper shop, dry fruits, chocolate, and most important a good quality trekking bag and some other things. And also remember to try to put less weight in your bag so it did not feel heavy to you.

So enjoy the hiking in this summer and create lots of memories.

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